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MyLilius for Business provides meaningful data from real people

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Personal Experiences Make Customers Return

Marketing doesn't stop when a customer hits the door or your website. Show you care for your customers by learning their preferences and making decisions that include them.


Direct Connect

Directly connect with a customer to develop a personal relationship. Direct connect gives you all the benefits of having your own mobile application without having to build or maintain the infrastructure. With direct connect businesses can request important information from customers, communicate 1 on 1 with customers, and send sales/discount offers directly to their phone.


Getting feedback from your customer base has never been easier. Not only can you send out surveys to your existing customers, you can also send surveys to potential customers that you're not already interacting with. Gift users that give you feedback with discount codes that draw them to your website or store.

Data Pools

Market research fills in the gaps when making decisions. Purchasing data pools gives you the trends and preferences of the regions you are interested in. Narrow your search with attribute and demographic filters.


We've aligned our own success with the success of our customers. Only pay when your business has experienced growth. Tiers are separated by the number of direct connections your business has.

Bronze Tier(1-250)

Initial Connection: $1.50

Recurring Connection Cost: $0.01

Surveys: $1.00 per completion

Offer Exercise Price: $0.75

Silver Tier(250-1000)

Initial Connections: $1.25

Recurring Connection Cost: $0.03

Surveys: $1.00 per completion

Offer Exercise Price: $0.50

Gold Tier (1000+)

Initial Connections: $1.00

Recurring Connection Cost: $0.05

Surveys: $1.00 per completion

Offer Exercise Price: $0.25

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