Bonus Story: MyLilius Wallet


A bit of foreshadow if the title didn’t already tell all, this is more detail about why we built the MyLilius Wallet, but more about why we built it the way we did. If you have not listened to the Behind The Tech Podcast featuring TheGreatAxios; it may provide additional context for this story


Bitcoin was launched in 2009 and brought a revolutionary idea to life. Ethereum was launched in 2015 and brought that revolutionary idea to the next level with programmable applications. Since then the markets have gone up and down, platforms have grown and died and the space continued to grow.

Since the beginning the industry has expanded into fields and areas many never though possible. Since 2015 Web3 has grown at an incredible rate in countries all over the world to the point where nearly everyone has at least heard of Bitcoin or an NFT.


2016 - LordGandhi had an idea to help consumers take control over their data. How, he was not sure initially but over time he came across the idea of some new type of digital identity. He believed that the user experience was the key

2018 - LordGandhi meets TheGreatAxios and pitched a new type of digital identity built that has functionality. The naive Axios said “Let’s Go” and said maybe it needs to be decentralized

2019 - The team founds Lilius (better known as MyLilius)

2021 - Lilius meets SKALE

The Story

The MyLilius team has built the MyLilius application nearly 5 times over the course of 4 years. The application went from using cryptocurrency (KIN) to fully centralized and then to fully decentralized (SKALE) as MyLilius that was launched into Alpha earlier this year. After building out the platform of our dreams we realized a couple of things:

  • The Wallet was by far the coolest and most useful part (when integrated with the DOT Name Service)
  • The Wallet solved a problem some of the other features did not
  • We had finally after years of work achieved our goal of building a solution that was consumer friendly in terms of design and experience

However, the wallet was not fully functional in the Alpha. It was slow, balances did not alway load properly and network compatibility was limited. Additionally, it was not a simple user experience.

We took all of these notes, recommendations, and pieces of feedback and have spent the last few months building a true Web3 wallet from scratch (we are NOT a fork of anyone).

The rest of the industry may follow us, they may not, but when you use the MyLilius Wallet in our Beta or you use it in production you should know one thing: We built this for you.

Author: TheGreatAxios

Date: 05/31/2022

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