Calypso Scavenger Hunt

The Calypso NFT Hub on SKALE Network is approaching its initial launch. At this time we’d like to announce the first Calypso Scavenger Hunt. Over the next month the MyLilius team will release five NFT Collections. Those that collect all five NFTs will receive a whitelist spot for the future Calypso DAO! Additionally, the first 10 individuals to complete the Calypso Scavenger Hunt will split a SKL token jackpot.

The first of these collections will be available for mint on 10/02/2022 at 12am EST. The ability to bridge your funds from Europa will be available before the Scavenger Hunt goes live. The first collection will consist of an unlimited ERC-1155 NFTs. There will be five (5) different variations available for this collection. (Hint* Collect them all for a “secret” giveaway”)

To make the Calypso Scavenger Hunt fair for all who want to participate the first collection will be priced at $15. Proceeds from the Calypso Scavenger Hunt will go towards the growth and operation of both the future Calypso DAO and the Calypso SKALE Chain itself. More news will come over the following weeks.