MyLilius Press Release: Ukraine

This is an update from the MyLilius core team that we will be toning back on our communications via social media temporarily due to the current world conflicts. We feel that what we are doing is not something that needs to be advertised while there is so much pain and loss being felt.

We are partnered with SKALE ( who if you have not heard, has employees that are Ukrainian. Our thoughts are with them and their families as we hope that they are all able to leave safely if they have not already; along with any family and friends they may have.

This extends to the Ukrainian people as a whole as well. We hope that as many people can stay safe and avoid conflict as possible. We are not making any political statements; we just want the safety of all those impacted by the conflict.

During this time, the MyLilius core team will still be active in our Discord ( as we continue to build and work towards the Alpha and then subsequent releases of the MyLilius platform. If you wish to communicate with us, please do so there. All other mediums of communication will be pointed toward the Discord.

Thank you all for your continued support. Please direct your thoughts and prayers at this time toward the well-being of all of those involved in conflict.

Author: TheGreatAxios

Date: 02/27/2022

Article #: 1

Article: MyLilius Press Release