MyLilius Q3 Progress Update

This past month marked the beginning of Q3 2022. The first half of this year has been development intensive for the MyLilius team. As we move into the second half of the year you can expect the MyLilius team to push several products/solutions into production environments. Until then lets recap all of the projects in the MyLilius pipeline:

MyLilius Wallet - A multi-network non-custodial wallet powered by a decentralized digital identity.

Progress Update: The MyLilius Dev team has continued to march towards a production launch over the last couple weeks. At this point we are confirming that all supported networks and tokens are working as they should. In the near future we will announce our official list of supported networks and tokens.


Calypso NFT Hub - A SKALE Chain dedicated to NFT applications, markets, and NFT liquidity on the SKALE Network.

Progress Update: In the past few weeks the MyLilius team has been working with multiple NFT projects, marketplaces, and dApps (decentralized applications) to coordinate a successful genesis launch.


sFUEL Station - The MyLilius Team created the sFUEL Station for the SKALE Network in order to improve user experience as more chains are added.

Progress update: The MyLilius hosted sFUEL Station is now on mainnet as well as testnet. In the last week we have added in support for both the Europa and Calypso mainnet chains. Additionally, the MyLilius team is working to add all existing and new SKALE chains to the sFuel station.

Link: (sFUEL Station - Testnet)

Link: (sFUEL Station Mainnet)


SKALE Chain UI - A user interface to abstract the setup and management of a SKALE Chain away from the developer. This provides a much simpler experience in order to allow new SKALE Chain owners to quickly manage their chain on either testnet or mainnet.

Progress Update: The SKALE Chain UI has not received any updates since its initial release. However, multiple parties have suggested both feature additions and changes which will be implemented throughout the rest of the year. Additionally, the first version of the SKALE Chain UI will be deployed for mainnet later this Summer.

Link: (SKALE Chain UI - Testnet)


SKALE, Paper, Scissors - A mini-game showcasing the power of SKALE that was deployed and played at ETH CC 2022 in Paris. This was designed and built in collaboration with other teams currently running on the SKALE Network.

Progress Update: SPS was initially a project to showcase the potential of SKALE at EthCC 5. Further development and usage of the game will depend on the support of the community.


DOT Avatars - Avatars for your Digitally Optimized Twin. DOT Avatars are unique in the fact that each avatar is not an NFT, but is made of of building blocks where each block is an NFT. This means that creators can create and mint building blocks for DOT Avatars — Head, Torso, Arms, Legs — and sell them on a marketplace. At the same time, users can purchase and collect these building blocks and piece them together like Legos to create their ideal digital representation…their own DOT Avatar.

Progress Update: The MyLilius team has been testing the concept of DOT Avatars by participating in hackathons. The MyLilius team felt this was a win-win situation as it allowed us to begin working with other networks while also working to attain initial feedback on both the idea and implementation. DOT Avatars are still a ways off, however, the team is working hard to continuously strengthen the implementation and onboarding process.