MyLilius Wallet Beta

The MyLilius Wallet has arrived and it brings a whole bunch of amazing experiences to Web3 as a whole. These experiences include a whole new way to navigate the landscape with an entire wallet that is designed and built to work with every blockchain (see list below for initially supported chains), no more configuration, and with a fast approaching launch onto Mainnet; a wallet designed for multi-chain networks (i.e SKALE).

Beta Testing

The beta testing will be offered to a limited number of users, first come first serve. The testing will operate on test networks ONLY. Do NOT send real funds to any of these wallets.

Due to the beta operating on test networks; we have built three quests for testers to complete. Not only will completing these quests help us ensure the wallet launches bug free; but it will also earn users Lilicoin that will be airdropped in production.

The beta is capped at 250 users per platform (iOS and Android).

Initially Supported Chains

Beta (Testnet)

  • MyLilius (SKALE)
  • Ethereum (Rinkeby)
  • BNB Smart Chain (Testnet)
  • Polygon (Mumbai)

Production (Mainnet)

  • MyLilius (SKALE)
  • Europa (SKALE)
  • Calypso (SKALE)
  • Ethereum (Mainnet)
  • BNB Smart Chain (Mainnet)
  • Polygon (Mainnet)
  • More will be announced on Twitter before launch. Interested in a specific Ethereum based network? Tag us on Twitter or join our Discord!

Want to learn more about the MyLilius Wallet? Checkout the MyLilius Wallet blog post for more information at

Bonus Story

Want to learn more about why we built a wallet? Read the story at

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