Your Data. Your Platform. Your Choice.

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Supercharge your life

By utilizing DOT Technology, MyLilius allows you to share in the functional and financial benefits data has provided for the tech industry.

DOTs allow you to:

Centralize Your Data

Consolidate your personal data into your DOT is the first step towards gaining control of your digital presence.

Visualize Your Data

Mange your life through the lenses of data. Fine tune your DOT to better reflect you as a person.

Utilize Your Data

MyLilius is at the crossroads of data and functionality. Supercharge your life by utilizing your DOT as an everyday tool.


Supercharge your Life

  • ✓  Easily manage your social life through data insight
  •  Store complex thoughts and habits

Monetize your World

  •   Your digital life
  •   Your Travel Plans
  •  Social Interactions
  •  Wellness & Wellness Activities
  • Your Entertainment Choices
✓ Boost your professional life
MyLilius is a platform powered by the user for the user. Our team has created the infrastructure for anyone to harness the power of data. We are excited to see the ways that DOTs can disrupt the world and bring about a new age of innovation. Throughout your MyLilius experience you will have a personal assistant, "Lili", who will be your companion at all times. You will be able to talk to Lili about your own data, ways your data relates to the world, and any questions you have about the MyLilius platform as a whole. Always remember:

Your Data. Your Platform. Your Choice

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What is my data?

Everybody and everything produces data. From the second you are born you create data directly and indirectly. Your data ranges from the things you eat for dinner, buy at the store, or like on social media to your best friend's favorite ice cream. It is all your small data. Small data is data that is 'small' enough for human comprehension. It is data in a volume and format that makes it accessible, informative and actionable.

What is a DOT?

DOT stands for "Digitally Optimized Twin". Your DOT is a digital construct that stores both data from across the internet, preference data, and integration data. You control every aspect of how anyone interacts with your data. Additionally, your DOT presents your data in a way that allows you to use it to in your everyday life.

Who is Lili?

Lili is your personal assistant while you interact with MyLilius. Initially she only has the ability to answer questions for you. However, as you mature your DOT, Lili will have the ability to use Machine Learning to compare your DOT and the world. Lili does this in order to offer you a personalized way to experience the world.

    Why MyLilius

    Currently your data is spread across the world owned by companies of all sizes. MyLilius enables you to take possession of that data by storing it for yourself in a centralized location. We handle the security and storage, which enables you to utilize YOUR data as you see fit.

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